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Useful information


A taxi rank is located in front of the Central Hospital. If necessary, the ward personnel or the information desk staff can help in calling a taxi.

In the Central Finland Health Care District, taxi fares are to be ordered from Keski-Suomen Taksi Oy, Tel. 0100 876 50. This is because ordering of taxi fares that are necessary due to an illness and eligible for compensation from the Social Insurance Institution (Kela) is centralized to this company.

The cost of the call is the same as for a normal taxi call: 1.25 € + service fee.

More information.

Use of patient telephones and mobile phones

The Central Hospital and the Sädesairaala Hospital have patient telephones. At inpatient wards, a personal telephone, to which phone calls can be received, is provided beside each patient bed. External calls are not possible from the patient telephones. The patient can bring his/her own mobile phone to the hospital for communication with the relatives. Mobile phones can be used inside the hospital according to specific instructions. 

Mobile phones can be used in the hospital’s public rooms and at certain inpatient wards. Since mobile phones disturb the operation of sensitive medical and research equipment, their use is absolutely forbidden in the Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Monitoring Room, Dialysis Ward, Surgery Wards, Anaesthesiology Rooms and Examination and Intervention Rooms. Other polyclinics or inpatient wards may also have restrictions regarding the use of mobile phones. Please pay attention to signs placed at the polyclinic or ward doors.

Computers for patient use 

In the Central Hospital, computers are available for use to the patients and their relatives at the Health Information Centre Palanssi and in the Scientific Library located in the main hall.

The Health Information Centre Palanssi is open during 2–3 days in the afternoons. The opening hours can be found from the website of Palanssi.

Newspaper room

The newspaper room for the patients located in the Scientific Library of the Central Hospital is open from Mondays to Fridays between 9 am and 3 pm.

Using a computer of one’s own at hospital

More information on the possibility of using a computer of one’s own is available from the ward or polyclinic personnel.

Use of email in matters concerning health care

Since the security of confidential information cannot be guaranteed in email, do not send detailed information about matters concerning your illness and/or personal data via email.

Lost property

For lost property enquiries, contact the treatment points that you visited while at the hospital. 

Smoking at hospital – Non-smoking hospital 

The Central Finland Health Care District is a Non-Smoking Hospital. Smoking is not permitted inside the hospital. The treating doctor and nurses can give support and guidance in non-smoking during your treatment period/appointment. Nicotine replacement therapy and pharmaceutical therapy is provided free of charge during the treatment at the hospital wards.

Smoking is permitted only in the smoking shelters. During the daytime, from 7 am to 8 pm, it is possible to go out smoking to a shelter if the treatment does not require staying at the ward. For the safety of the hospital patients and personnel, the doors are locked from 8 pm to 7 am. The doors must not be left ajar and smoking by the door side is not permitted for fire safety reasons.


Please avoid using perfumes or strongly-scented aftershaves when coming to the hospital.  Strong scents can cause allergic reactions to many patients, their relatives and personnel at the hospital. Thank you for your consideration!

Patient organizations

The contact information of national health and patient organizations can be found from the website of the Health Information Centre Palanssi. 

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