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Juurikkaniemi hospital contact information



Postal address:
Juurikkaniemi Hospital
PB 10
42701 KEURUU 

Visiting address:
Juurikkatie 1
42700 KEURUU

Tel: +358 14 269 3711
Fax: +358 14 269 3756

Juurikkaniemi hospital 


Based on the work division model of adult psychiatry, the hospital's operation is focused on long-term and rehabilitation treatment.

One of the wards serves as the rehabilitation ward for the seriously ill, long-term patients from the entire health care district. In addition to further rehabilitation patients, the hospital provides treatment for patients who can be admitted based on the treatment reservation procedure.

A doctor's admission note is required for admission.

The number of patient beds is 49 and they are divided into three wards, one of which is an open ward. The total number of personnel is approx. 90.

Driving instructions
The hospital is located about 2 km from Keuruu, by the road No. 622 leading to Multia, near the Ketvelniemi residential area. You can find driving instruction signs by the Keuruu-Multia road. When driving from Keuruu direction, turn left -> Myllymäki -> Ketvelniemi -> Juurikkaniemen sairaala (Juurikkaniemi Hospital).

Visiting hours
Visiting hours at Juurikkaniemi Hospital are from 9 am to 7 pm. However, visitors are asked to contact the ward staff in advance, as there may be slight differences between the wards. This is to ensure that the patient is available for visiting at the time concerned.

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