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Accommodation for patients and relatives


Patient home

The patient home is a chargeable flat meant for the accommodation of the patients and their relatives and close persons. The patient home is located in the immediate vicinity of the Central Hospital.

The patient home can be used in cases where a long distance or inconvenient transport connections make it difficult for you to arrive at the hospital for examinations or treatments. The current tendency is to perform examinations and provide treatment increasingly at the polyclinics. Only the patients requiring treatment or monitoring also during the night are admitted to the hospital’s inpatient wards. You can overnight in the patient home also when examinations are performed or treatments are provided on successive days in case the examinations do not require treatment at an inpatient ward.

 Patient home reservations and price per day

Patient home reservations can be made from the Central Hospital Information Desk from 7 am to 8 pm on weekdays and from 8 am to 7.30 pm on weekends, Tel. (014) 269 1559. The Information Desk is located in the main hall of the Central Hospital.

The price is 30.00 €/day. In family accommodation, children under 15 are free of charge. Accommodation is invoiced afterwards on an invoice sent to the home address.

There is a possibility to apply for compensation from the Social Insurance Institution (Kela) in the form of an overnight accommodation allowance, maximum 20.18 €/night.

Patient home location and facilities

The patient home is located in a block of flats in the immediate vicinity of the Central Hospital, 1st floor, flat 3, address Kukkumäentie 24, Jyväskylä.

The patient home has 6 beds in double rooms for women or men. Family accommodation in double rooms is also available.  

The patient home has a shared dining room and lounge, and toilets and bath rooms. The rooms are modestly furnished and do not correspond to the hotel room standards. 

Bed room


Patient home bedroom

Patient home kitchen

Check-in and check-out

The check-in to the patient home must be made by 2 pm at the Central Hospital Information Desk. The registration is similar to a hotel check-in. The check-out must be made by 12 on the departure day.

If you lose the key, the procedure used in the Health Care District is applied according to which the costs related to a lost key are charged from the person who has used the room.

Dining and parking

The clients of the patient home can use the services of the Central Hospital’s cafeteria Caterina and the hospital cafe Paussi.

The parking house P-Sairaala (chargeable) is available for use to the patient home clients.

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