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Patient representative activities


According to the ethical guidelines and values of the Central Finland Health Care District, our aim is to provide the highest standards of care and service in co-operation with the patients and their close persons within the scope of available resources. 

However, if you experience problems related to your medical care or treatment, we hope that you discuss the matter with your treating doctor or nurse. If necessary, you can also turn to the chief physician or the chief nurse.

The activities of the patient representative include:

To encourage the patient to talk with the person concerned immediately as a problem occurs.

To provide consultation, if needed, for resolving conflicts and, for example, for making a complaint in case no other solution is found.

To promote and enforce patient rights in the medical society.

To provide information on matters concerning the patient’s status and rights.

In matters related to patient damage you can turn to your ward's/polyclinic's social workers. You can consult them also after your treatment has ended.

Patient representative Riitta Kumpulainen is available at Tel. 014 - 269 2600

  • Mondays and Tuesdays from 12 to 3 pm
  • Thursdays from 8 to 10 am

(Calling hours deviating from the above are informed by the answering machine and a message can be left in the answering machine.)

Appointments on separate agreement.

Assistant patient representatives work as substitutes for the patient representative during her annual holidays and absence and in cases where the patient representative is biased for dealing with the matter. The assistant patient representatives are Ilkka Konttinen, Juhani Luotola, Marita Rasimus and Annika Särkkä.

Kangasvuori Hospital

The patient representative is available on Fridays of the odd-numbered weeks from 8 to 10 am.

Otherwise the above calling hours apply.

Juurikkaniemi Hospital, Haukkala Hospital and Kinkomaa Hospital (VITAPOLIS)

Visits and appointments on separate agreement. The contact data are mentioned above.

In matters concerning the health centres in the Central Finland region, please contact directly the treatment facility concerned. The contact data of the patient representatives of the health centres are listed in:
Patient representatives contact data (5 Kt)

For the contact data of the patient representatives of private treatment facilities, please contact directly the treatment facility concerned.

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