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Administration, institutes and organisation

The highest decision-making body in the Central Finland Health Care District is the Administrative Council with the Auditor's Committee working under it.

The executing authority is the Board of Directors, which administers and develops the operation of the health care district according to the confirmed strategy. The Board of Directors holds a partial responsibility for the availability of specialist health care services and co-ordination of service production as well as for the general principles of operation.

On the functionary level the operation of the health care district is administered by the director of the health care district, chief medical director and chief executive officer of nursing.

Juha KinnunenKaija Heikura
Director of Health Care District 
Juha Kinnunen,
Tel. +358 14 269 1670
Chief Medical
Director, temporary
Jyrki Virkkunen
Tel. +358 14 269 1680
Chief Executive Officer of Nursing   
Kaija Heikura 
Tel. +358 14 269 1342

The executive group of the health care district, operating on the functionary management level, consists of, besides the leading office-holders, the directors of the operational areas and an annually selected staff representative. The executive group of the health care district is a preparing and co-ordinating body holding the responsibility for the comprehensive management of the health care district. The tasks of the executive group include matters related to all significant operational changes, operative planning and follow-up, etc. 

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