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Quality health care

In accordance with the values and ethical guidelines of the Health Care District, the following principles are adhered to in the care and treatment of patients:

  • The patient is satisfied and committed to the treatment received and content with the service. The principles of medical ethics are actualized in health care and relatives and close persons are given the opportunity to participate whenever necessary in planning treatment at its various stages.
  • Care is comprehensive, promotes health and is provided in proper dialogue with the referring institution. Continuity of care is assured and attention paid to preventive action.
  • Should a patient require specialist health care services, he/she may choose a care-providing public specialist health care unit within the special responsibility area in which he/she is resident. The choice of specialist health care unit is always made in cooperation with the referring doctor.
  • Consultations provided by the Health Care District further the implementation of flexible and high-quality service in health centres.


All patients, excluding emergency care patients, must have a doctor's referral for specialist medical treatment. The referring doctor determines the unit to which the patient is sent. The hospital processes the referral within 3 weeks and informs the patient about any examinations, examination times and, for example, placement in the queue for surgery assuming this is possible on the basis of the patient's referral. If the patient's condition cannot be assessed and the required treatment cannot be planned based on the examination and the referral, the patient will be invited to a hospital polyclinic usually within 1 to 2 months.

Treatment as determined necessary by the specialist medical treatment unit, such as a surgical intervention, must be arranged within 6 months of the treatment assessment. Paediatric and adolescent psychiatric treatment constitute exceptions; here care must be arranged within a minimum 3 months.

Follow the links for more information on arriving at the hospital and access to health care and related schedules.


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