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Policlinic charges

Policlinic charges are established by law. The policlinic charge is 29,30 €/visit. Psychiatric outpatient care is free of charge.

Medical certificates are separately charged and the price depends on the type and purpose of use of the certificate.

The patient/guardian is personally responsible for the policlinic charge. If the patient has a payment agreement by an insurance company, contributory sickness fund, social office or other similar institution, or another acceptable certificate of obligation by another payer, such agreement should be presented during registration.

36,20 € is charged for a non-used or non-cancelled policlinic appointment or examination.

If the patient is transferred to an inpatient ward immediately after an examination taken at the policlinic, the policlinic fee is not charged. A charged policlinic fee will be subtracted from the inpatient ward charge or returned to the patient against receipt.

Patients living outside Finland are charged the full treatment fee unless otherwise specified in international agreements (EU/ETA countries). For a surgical day treatment operation patients are charged 96,40 € instead of the policlinic charge. A surgical day treatment refers to an operation made in operating room conditions, which requires intravenous medication, extensive anaesthesia or general anaesthesia. In case the patient must remain overnight on the inpatient ward after a surgical day treatment operation, the day surgery fee and inpatient ward fee (34,80 €/treatment day) are charged for the days following the operation day.

Specialist nursing can also be given at the patient's home. The charge for home nursing is 29,30 € / visit. For a continuing series of home care, the charge is 8,00 € per visit. Psychiatric home care is free.

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