Parking in the Central Hospital

About parking

Patients and visitors are allowed to park only in marked places subject to a charge, as a regional parking ban applies in the Central Hospital area. Parking in the area is controlled by the City of Jyväskylä traffic wardens.

Blue areas as well as the red and green areas in the parking map are for patients and visitors.

Parking map (pdf)

Parking map

NB. Parking outside the Emergency Clinic entrance is strictly forbidden.

The easiest way to enter the hospital from the parking garage is through the second floor.

Payment methods and prices

When parking your car indoors (P-Sairaala), the parking fee is charged as you exit the garage. When parking outside, the parking fee must be paid in advance.

Parking fees in P-Sairaala

  • First hour 1,50 €/h
  • Following hours  1,00 €/h
  • Per day 8,50 €
  • Following days à 6,00 €
  • Parking permit, 1 month 60,00 €
  • Parking permit, 1 year 660,00 €
  • Lost parking ticket, from 15,00 €

In the parking lot between the bus stops (red area), parking fee is 2 €/h. In the blue area, parking fee for the first two hours is 1 €/h, following hours 0,5 €/h.

Outside Sädesairaala Hospital (green area), parking is by permit only. Parking fee for the first two hours is 1 €/h, and for the following two hours 0,50 €/h, a total of 3 €. For 3 €, you can park your car for 24 hours.

Outside parking meters accept coins (20 cnt, 50 cnt, 1 €, 2 €). In the parking garage, you can pay using coins (50 cnt, 1 €, 2 €) or notes (5 €, 10 €, 20 €).