Arriving on wards

When you are invited to care, you can come straight to the ward for registration.

You should bring with you

  • your letter of invitation,
  • prescriptions or a list of your medication,
  • electrocardiogram test results you may have,
  • laboratory test results,
  • X-ray pictures and
  • results from any other tests and examinations.

Child patients should also bring:

  • child health clinic card,
  • copy of growth chart (from child health clinic),
  • rehabilitation reports from physiotherapist, speech therapist or occupational therapist, or from psychologist,
  • report from kindergarten and/or school,
  • assistive equipment,
  • school books and
  • possibly an toy of their own.

Please make sure you bring your own toiletries as well (toothbrush and toothpaste, lotions, shaving kit, comb, hair dryer).

Patients are provided with clean hospital clothes. You may ask the nursing staff if you can wear your own clothes on the ward. Please note that patients’ own clothes cannot be left for laundry services in the hospital.

Valuables and large amounts of cash should be left home, as the hospital cannot be held responsible for lost property.