Coming to an outpatient clinic

After the hospital has received your referral, you will be sent a letter of invitation with details of your appointment or an estimate of your waiting time.

What to bring  with you?

You should bring with you

  • your letter of invitation,
  • prescriptions or a list of your medication,
  • your personal medication
  • electrocardiogram test results you may have,
  • laboratory test results,
  • X-ray pictures and
  • results from any other tests and examinations

When coming to the Maternity and Prenatal Polyclinic Gravida, please bring your maternity card with you.
Child patients should also bring:

  • child health clinic card,
  • copy of growth chart (from child health clinic),
  • rehabilitation reports from physiotherapist, speech therapist or occupational therapist, or from psychologist,
  • report from kindergarten and/or school.

Your appointment

When you come to the hospital, register according to the instructions on your letter of invitation.
Sometimes the exact time of your treatment or examination may differ from the one stated in your invitation. In most cases, this is due to the unexpected amount of acute patients who need immediate care. The staff will do their best to let you know about any delays. If you feel your waiting time has been too long, ask the staff the reason you’re waiting for and the estimated waiting time. You can ask the staff whether you have time to visit the cafeteria, for example.

Deciding on your further treatment

During your doctor’s appointment, you will be informed on your further treatment plan, further examinations, ward treatment or operation. You will be scheduled a new appointment immediately, or you will receive an invitation by mail. Waiting times depend on your diagnosis.

Before surgery, patients can be called in for examination and instructions. This is to make sure the patient can be operated on, and to encourage the patient to take part in the treatment.