Emergency clinics take care of patients who require immediate medical attention. A nurse evaluates the need for care for all patients who walk into Central Finland Central Hospital. Patients who do not require immediate care are asked to seek care in their own health centre.

The emergency number in Finland is 112

Dial the emergency number 112 in genuine emergencies

  • when someone’s life, health, property or the environment is threatened or in danger
  • or if you have cause to assume this to be the case.

Always call first 116 117

Please call Medical Helpline on number 116 117 before you come to Central Hospital Emergency Clinic.

Central Finland Central Hospital Emergency Clinic is on-call 24 hours a day for all patients who require immediate care. Patients who requiring immediate care are divided into two categories:

  1. Accident casualties
  2. Patients with sudden symptoms that threaten their lives or decrease their ability to function, if untreated.

Seek medical attention immediately if the patient experiences:

  • new symptoms of paralysis
  • severe chest pains
  • difficulty in breathing
  • major injuries and broken bones
  • bruises and/or leaking wounds
  • heavy bleeding (e.g. vomiting blood, nosebleed)
  • sudden onset of severe or escalating abdominal pains
  • deteriorating level of consciousness, sudden confusion
  • sudden, severe headache
  • fever (over  38 °C) in a newborn  (under 3 months)
  • sudden allergic reactions
  • intoxication or poisoning
  • eye injury

Central Hospital Emergency Clinic is not meant for following cases:

  • common cold or temperature
  • prolonged aching in the back
  • mild sprains
  • renewing a prescription
  • sick-leave certificates

In these cases, please contact your health centre directly.