Guidebook for joint replacement patients

This guidebook is meant for patients undergoing examinations and preparing for a joint replacement surgery. This booklet will provide you with useful and important information on how to get ready for your surgery, the operation itself, and the recovery process. This information is vital for your health, as you need to take care of several things before the surgery.

Before you can be placed in que for surgery, we need to check your overall health. Your health centre will make sure your health is good enough so that your body can handle the operation and recovery process. Otherwise your surgery needs to be cancelled. An orthopaedic specialist at Central Finland Central Hospital will make the final decision with you.

Make sure you study this guidebook thoroughly. Keep this guidebook and take it with you to all your appointments.

  1. Good overall health is a precondition
  2. Visiting the surgery outpatient clinic
  3. Preparing for your surgery
  4. After the surgery
  5. At home after surgery
  6. Living with joint replacement
  7. Hip exercises
  8. Knee exercises
  9. Checklist before surgery (PDF)
  10. Important information on your surgery (PDF)

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on the surgery and support groups (in Finnish):