Visiting the surgery outpatient clinic

Your health centre has referred you to blood tests in order to track your health, but you may need to have some more specific tests or X-ray images taken before your surgery. Make sure to go to all tests you are referred to. You will receive instructions on them by mail.

Before your first visit to the surgery outpatient clinic, you will receive an electronic Omavointi questionnaire concerning your health and ability to function. Use e-banking customer identification to log into the questionnaire.

Remember to bring an updated list of your current medication.

An orthopaedist at the outpatient clinic will talk about the date or possible postponing of your surgery with you, and you will also see a nurse and a physiotherapist. During your visit, you will receive the date for your surgery, instructions on how to prepare for it, and a date for a joint replacement training.

If you wish, you may go home from the hospital on the day of your surgery. During your visit to the outpatient clinic, your doctor will discuss whether this is a possibility for you.

Change in health after your visit

Please contact the hospital if you suspect you may have an illness, infection, skin cut or any other change in your health that could prevent the surgery, for example cough, flu, fever or stomach flu. Remember to contact the hospital also if there are any changes to your medication.