Patient ombudsmen

In Central Finland Health Care District, we value our ethical guidelines and strive for high-quality care of our patients and collaboration with the patients and their family members within available resources.

In case you encounter any further problems regarding your treatment, we wish you discuss this with your doctor or nurse. If needed, you can contact the chief physician or the head nurse as well.

Patient ombudsmen

  • advise patients to discuss possible problems with the staff as soon as possible.
  • help patients settle conflicts and submitting an objection, if other means fail.
  • promote and ensure patient rights in hospitals.
  • provide information on the rights and status of patients.

In case of treatment injuries, the social workers of your ward or outpatient clinic are at your service. You can contact the social workers even after you’re discharged from the hospital.

Patient ombudsmen

In Central Finland Health Care District, patient ombudsmen Riitta Kumpulainen and Ilkka Konttinen are at your service. Vice ombudsmen Juhani Luotola,Raakel Viheroksa, Päivi Puoliväli, Anne Puttonen  and Katja Johansson help you during the ombudsmen’s holidays, and in case the ombudsmen are ineligible.

Patient ombudsmen answer your calls at +358 14 269 2600

  • Monday 12–15
  • Tuesday 12–15
  • Thursday  8–11

Outside these times, an answering machine takes your calls. You can leave your number and request the ombudsmen call you back. If you wish to see the ombudsmen, arrange an appointment.

For ombudsmen in health centres in Central Finland, contact the health centre in question. For more information in Finnish, see the following sites:

For contact information on patient ombudsmen in private facilities, contact the facility in question.

Objection on patient care

We strive for high-quality patient care and services in all hospitals in the Health Care District. Our staff is responsible for patient safety and satisfaction, but patients and their family members have an important role as well. If you have any concerns or questions on your care, please give us feedback either orally or in writing.

We recommend you discuss your concerns with your doctor, nurse or the head nurse of the unit in question. If your feedback requires further examining, you can contact the chief physician of the specialty in question.

If you’re unhappy with how your problems have been solved in the unit in question, you can submit an objection to the Chief Medical Officer of the Health Care District. We recommend you submit your objection without any unnecessary delay, and that you describe your problem and the events leading to the objection clearly. Your objection should be submitted in writing (you’ll find an objection form on this page).

We hope you use the printable form on this page, but a free-form objection is possible as well. Please note that you cannot submit your objection by e-mail, as data protection cannot be guaranteed. Patient ombudsmen and social workers are at your service in case you need help submitting your objection.

The Act on the Status and Rights of Patients (17.8.1992/785 10 §) states that “a patient who is not satisfied with the health care or medical care and the related treatment received by him/her has the right to submit an objection on the matter to the director responsible for health care in the health care unit in question. A decision on the objection has to be given in a reasonable time from submitting it. Submitting an objection does not restrict the right of a patient to appeal to the authorities controlling health care or medical care about the care or related treatment received by him/her.”

In case the objection is submitted by someone other than the patient (e.g. next of kin, family members or ombudsman), the objection should include an authorisation by the patient. Objections on the care of minor patients can be submitted by the patient or the guardians. Objections on the care of deceased patients can be submitted by the the next of kin or family members.

The Chief Medical Officer of the Health Care District will respond to objections in writing, stating the possible measures taken after the objection. In accordance with the Act, appealing against the ruling is not possible.  
The patient or the submitter will be sent a personal letter within reasonable time (1–2 months). Correspondence is strictly confidential, and filed in the Chief Medical Officer’s records, separate from your patient information. Submitting an objection does not affect your future treatment or examinations.

Patient injuries

Even the best of care cannot eliminate all risks related to health care and treatments. The Finnish Patient Insurance Centre handles the compensation procedures for patient injuries that occur in Finland. For information on practical issues related to patient injuries, see the Patient Insurance Centre website.

The Central Finland Health Care District’s patient ombudsmen are at your service on all matters related to patient injuries.