Enquiries on patients are answered by the staff of the ward in question. Patient information can be released only to family members or other people authorised by the patient.

In case family members do not have a direct phone number for the patient or the ward in question, enquiries should be directed through the switchboard, tel. +358 14 269 1811 (Mon–Fri 7–20, Weekends and public holidays 8-16).

When the switchboard is not open, enquiries should be directed through the On-call telephone health service tel. +358 100 84 884.

Visiting hours

Common visiting hours in the Central Hospital and Sädesairaala Hospital and are 12–20.

See ward-specific exceptions and visiting hours for each ward (in Finnish)

Flowers and gifts

If you wish to bring food, ask the staff of the ward if it’s ok. Most wards have limited space for cold storage, so we recommend you bring food that keeps in room temperature.

Books and magazines are always welcome. Flowers can cause allergic reactions in other patients, so speak with the staff before bringing them to the ward.

If flowers are welcome, you can buy them in Cafeteria Paussi. In Central Hospital, Cafeteria Paussi delivers flowers to wards. You can place an order on the phone, tel. +358 14 269 1931.

No gifts are allowed in the Intensive Care Unit.

Coffee and meals

Caterina provides patients, visitors and staff with lunch and cafeteria services in Central Hospital and Sädesairaala Hospital in Jyväskylä.

Staying at the patient hotel

The patient hotel offers housing for patients and their relations. It is located in the Central Hospital area. Rooms are subject to a charge.

You can stay in the patient hotel due to long distances, difficult travel connections or the nature of the examination or treatment you are undergoing. Most examinations and treatments take place in outpatient clinics. Only patients who require constant care or observation during the night are submitted to inpatient wards. You can use the patient hotel, if you have to come to the hospital on consecutive days but don’t require inpatient care during the night.

Booking and prices

You can book a room from the Central Hospital information desk. Information desk is at your service in the lobby,  Mon–Fri  8.00-20.00, weekends 8.00–16.00, tel. +358 14 269 1811.

Rooms cost 30,00 €/day. In family rooms, children under 15 years stay for free. You will be sent an invoice.

You might be eligible for an accommodation allowance from Kela. The maximum amount of the allowance is 20.18 €/day.

Location and rooms

The patient hotel is located on the first floor of an apartment building in the Central Hospital area. Address: Kukkumäentie 24, apt 3, Jyväskylä.

The patient hotel has 6 beds in twin rooms for either men or women. You can use the room as a family room as well.
The patient hotel provides a communal dining room and shared bathrooms. Each room is equipped with a television. Rooms are not equipped to meet regular hotel standards.

Customers staying at the patient hotel can leave their cars in the P-Sairaala parking garage. Parking is subject to a charge.

Checking in and out

Check in before 14.00 at the Central Hospital information desk. Checking in is equivalent to a regular hotel check-in. Check out before 12.00 on the day you leave.

If you lose your key, you’ll be charged with the expenses.