Useful information

In this section, you will find information on practical issues during your stay at the hospital.

Bedside phone and the use of mobile phones

All bedsides in the Central Hospital and Sädesairaala Hospital have a landline phone that patients can use to receive phone calls. However, the phones cannot be used for making phone calls outside the hospital.

Patients may bring in their own mobile phones to keep in touch with their loved ones. Make sure to use your mobile phone in accordance with regulations. The use of mobile phones is allowed in communal areas and on certain wards.
Mobile phones may interfere with medical devices, and therefore they are strictly forbidden in the following units:

  • intensive care unit
  • cardiac monitoring unit
  • dialysis unit
  • operating unit
  • recovery ward
  • examination and procedure rooms

The use of mobile phones may be restricted in other wards and outpatient clinics as well. Follow the signs by the entrances.

Cancelling an appointment

If you cannot go to the hospital at the scheduled appointment time or you no longer need the appointment, cancel the appointment by contacting the unit in question as soon as possible. A legal penalty fee will be charged for all missed appointments not cancelled in advance.

You will find contact information for cancelling and rescheduling your appointment in your invitation to care.

Hand hygiene

Most common diseases are spread through the hands, and especially in places where there are a lot of people around. Proper hand hygiene and careful, recurrent washing help stop the spread of infections.

Our staff maintains proper hand hygiene in order to reduce the risk of infections. We ask all visitors to use hand sanitiser before and after their visit. You’ll find dispensers in communal areas, hallways and patient rooms. Our staff is happy to help you with the use of hand sanitiser.

Internet connection

Central Finland Health Care District provides a wireless Internet service for patients and visitors. For an access right and password, please contact IT Support, tel. +358 14 269 5995, Mon–Fri 07:15–16:00.

You can now access the Health Care District’s wireless Internet service. When you open your browser, you’ll be asked for your access right and password.

If your stay in the hospital is prolonged, the validity period of your access right can be extended.


You can use the coin-operated lockers available in the Central Hospital lobby for the safe storage of your belongings.

Lost and found

For enquiries on lost property, please contact the unit you have visited.

Nearest ATM

The nearest ATM is located in Voionmaankatu 7.

Patient computers

For more information on using your own computer, please contact the staff of the ward/outpatient clinic in question.
In the Central Hospital, patients and visitors have access to computers in Health Information Centre Palanssi and Information and Library Service located near the Main Building Cafeteria.

Patient fees

Invoicing for foreigners

All foreigners have the right to receive immediate care in public health care units in Finland. Invoicing depends on the country of residence and the certificates the patient can present (e.g. European Health Insurance Card, EHIC).

A person insured in another EU or EEA country or in Switzerland can seek medical attention in public health care unit in Finland. All treatment costs fees are covered by the patient, unless they have applied for prior authorisation in accordance with the EU Regulation 883/2004 (form E112 or S2). Public health care units decide on whether the patient can be treated in accordance with the Finnish legislation.

If your invoice is covered by someone other than you (e.g. an insurance company), you need to present a certificate or a payment guarantee.

When you arrive at the hospital, your personal information is registered: name, personal identity code, possible place of residence in Finland, and your permanent or temporary address in Finland. If you’re visiting Finland and you haven’t been granted Municipality of Residence, your permanent address abroad is needed. You should name a person the hospital can contact in case you’re unable to express your wishes. All child patients need to provide information on their guardians. Invoices are sent to underaged patients’ guardians, and one of the guardians should be registered as the payer.

Your invoice will be sent to you by mail, if you do not express other wishes. Your invoice can be printed out and given to you, if you wish. You can also pay in cash or use a debit or credit card at the Health Care District cashpoint.

Unpaid patient fees are subject to a debt recovery enforcement order without a court ruling. Unpaid bills are collected through enforcement, if needed. This may affect your credit information. The Health Care District cooperates with a debt collection agency.

For more information on students:
Insurance and Health

Personal data in emails

As personal data protection cannot be guaranteed when using e-mail, please do not include any confidential patient information or personal data in e-mail messages.

Smoking and fragrances

Central Finland Health Care District implements a No Smoking Policy. Smoking inside the hospital is strictly forbidden. Smoking is allowed only in outdoor smoking shelters. Patients are allowed to use the smoking shelters 7:00–20:00 if their treatment doesn’t require staying in the ward. To ensure the safety of our patients and staff, we keep the doors locked 20:00–7:00. Due to fire safety, wedging the door open or smoking in the doorway is not allowed.

During your stay/visit, doctors and the nursing staff are happy to help you quit smoking. Nicotine replacement products are available and free to patients during their stay.


There is a taxi stand outside the Central Hospital. If you need any help with calling a taxi, the staff of your ward and the information desk in the lobby will be happy to help you.