Center of Medical Expertise

Central Finland Health Care District´s Center of Medical Expertise provides a modern learning environment with up-to-date equipment and innovative models of education for enhancing clinical competence of health care professionals. Education is provided for most medical specialties. Pedagogically competent clinical teachers, specialists of different specialties, and specialist nurses work as educators. A peaceful learning environment with wide range of teaching tools, e.g. IT-based simulators, create excellent possibilities for efficient training and learning.

The main aim of the Center is to enhance patient safety by utilizing the newest and also ethically approved simulation techniques. However, in order to gain the most advantages of the equipments, simulator training should be connected into curriculums and pedagogical practises.

In 2014 the emphasis of activities is on developing the quality of education. Surveys for feedback are done systematically from all the training programs. Some of the training programs include research. Follow-up studies are needed to find out the efficacy of simulator training, and to what extend and what factors improve the transfer of skills and knowledge from learning environment to actual clinical work.

The Center of Medical Expertise is the only Finnish member in the international simulation network Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

Centre Of Medical Expertise is accredited by NASCE

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Simulation-based structured training curriculums in 2018

  • License to Operate - Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy course
    • includes training with the LapMentor laparoscopy simulator
  • The Basics of Gastroenterology
    • includes training with the GI BRONCH Mentor endoscopy simulator
  • The Basics of Bronchoscopy
    • includes training with the GI BRONCH Mentor endoscopy Simulator
  • Ultrasound courses (123 Sonography, FATE, Echo cardiography)

TTP_English_SimNewMore compact simulation-based training programs

  • Trauma Team simulations
    • with the Patient Simulators
    • directed to multiprofessional teams to practise team training, leadership, communication skills, desicion making know-how
  • Emergency Cesarean Section Training
    • with the Patient Simulator
  • Advanced Life Support training with newborn for multiprofessional teams
    • with Gaumard SuperTory Newborn simulator

More information about our training phantoms here.