Before you start your practical training

You need to have an updated, active CV (curriculum vitae) on Jobstep in order to book your practical training. Your CV should include information on your studies and previous practical trainings, what they have taught you, and what you expect from your coming clinical training. This way our supervisors will be able to offer you an individually prepared plan. We recommend you contact the unit your training takes place in and agree on the time and place you start your training.  We recommend you familiarise yourself with the site before you start your training.

Most training units in Central Finland Health Care District will email you information on your unit. Read the information carefully, and familiarise yourself with the unit before you start your practical training. Don’t forget to read through the material and descriptions for each unit (in Finnish). This way you will avoid feeling overwhelmed with new information on your first day of practical training, and you’ll be able to focus on learning.