During your practical training

Work shifts

In Central Finland Health Care District, all students (regardless of their educational institution) use the same form for practical training. You can print out the form on this website. Students in Universities of Applied Sciences (regardless of city) do not need to send the form to the Training Coordinator, as invoicing is handled through Jobstep. At the end of your practical training, you can either keep the form or give it to your teacher, depending on what you have agreed on.

For students in vocational upper secondary education, the form is both your work shift chart and the invoicing blanket. Mark all your practical training periods in Health Care District units on the form. You can either print out the form on this website or get one from your training unit. Fill in the form with the student supervisor contact person. After your practical training period, return the form to the head nurse, who will send it to the Educational Nursing Director at: Educational Nursing Director, Minikampus.

Form for practical training (188 Kt)


Health care students get student discount on their meals (price: 2,60 €) in our staff restaurant Caterina. All students need to bring a valid student card with them. Caterina recommends students have their lunch after noon, when the rush hour is over.  See the menu on the Caterina website (in Finnish).

Rights and responsibilities of students

Professional secrecy and confidentiality applies to you even after your clinical training. Sharing anything related to patients or events during your training on social media is strictly forbidden. We expect you to behave in a professional manner with all patients and staff members.

Your work shifts will follow the work shifts of your supervisor. Be active, enthusiastic and hands-on: ask questions, reflect and be curious. This way you will make the most of your clinical training, and present yourself in a professional manner. Many of our students have later become our colleagues!

As a student, you have a right to receive high-quality supervision in a positive learning environment, and act as an equal member of our work community. You should be treated professionally, and you are entitled to feedback and evaluation on your progress and goals.