Positions of Junior House Officers

Applying for the temporary position of Junior House Officer

Our hospital offers five positions of Junior House Officer. Suitable candidates are Finnish or EU citizens who have studied medicine either in Finland or abroad, and qualified doctors from non-EU member states after the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira) has recognised their degree. Doctors from outside the EU can be considered for the positions only when there are vacancies that have not been filled by Finnish medical students, and when suitable premises, supervisors, finances and the operations of specialist fields can be arranged. For non-EU citizens, Junior House Officer positions are restricted to six months. The salary is based on the General collective agreement for municipal personnel (KVTES).

You can send us an open application for the Junior House Officer position. Please include an application letter written in Finnish, and make sure to state the speciality (or specialities) you are applying for. A satisfactory level of both written and spoken Finnish is required from all applicants. In your application, you should include copies of your official language proficiency certificate and the recognition of professional qualification from Valvira, and an updated CV. 

For further inquiries and application, please contact coordinator laakarikoulutus@ksshp.fi.