Clinical Musculoskeletal Diseases Research Group performs high-quality studies on several fields of clinical research. The close collaboration of experts between clinical and basic sciences forms the basis of our expertise. The special strength areas of our multidisciplinary team’s research programs include disorders of the spine, shoulder, and inflammatory musculoskeletal diseases.


Our collaborative spine team has carried out back and neck pain related studies since 80s. The aim of our group is to bringing innovative diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation methodologies to our patients through research. Our focus has been on e.g. chronic low back and neck pain, adult spinal deformity, lumbar disc herniation, and spinal fusion surgery.  We have also established a spinal fusion database together with Tampere University hospital spine team in 2008 including about 1000 patients with long-term follow-ups. New experimental approaches have changed the way the multidisciplinary conservative or operative procedures and rehabilitation and resulted in higher health utilities. One indication for the high quality of the clinical research carried out by the group is that our RCTs have been accepted as part of the evidence in national and international guidelines and in systematic reviews.

Shoulder disorders

Our research group conducts high-level studies on the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of shoulder surgery and rehabilitation. We have several ongoing randomized, controlled trials. The results of our RCTs including surgical versus conservative treatment of rotator cuff disease as well as rehabilitation methods have a potential of scientific breakthrough and a significant influence on current clinical practice. Members of our team are also involved in Current Care working group that develops evidence -based guidelines regarding systematic examination and management of shoulder disorders. We also produce clinical education material for health care professionals.

Inflammatory musculoskeletal diseases

Jyväskylä Central Hospital is known for clinical rheumatology research since decades with the aim to learn from clinical observations, in order to improve outcomes of these debilitating diseases in daily clinical care. Current research programs involve outcomes research concerning improvements in disease activity, functional status, joint erosions and survival of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, as well as cost-effectiveness studies. We have a leading role in national and international collaborative research initiatives.