Egg retrieval (ovum pickup) 


Ovumia Fertinova              Väinonkatu 30

                                            40100 Jyväskylä

                                            phone: 030 633 3880


Time for your appointment is _____.______20____ at_________.

Women need to be at the clinic half an hour before the procedure.


Before the procedure

  • You can eat light breakfast before the appointment
  • The semen should be gathered after a 2-5 day abstinence from sexual activity
  • Pregnyl® 5000 IU___________________________________
  • Last Orgalutran® / Cetrotide®________________________
  • Take Paracetamol 1g one hour before the appointment time.
  • Empty your bladder before the procedure

During the procedure

  • You will have a sedation analgesia in order to avoid pain. Medications are given intravenously (i.v).
  • The whole process will be performed under sedation with a recovery period of 1-2 hours.
  • Because of the medication you cannot drive a car after the procedure.

Embryo transfer

  • During the embryo transfer your bladder should be half-full
  • You will get the laboratory referral for the pregnancy test at Naistentautien poliklinikka
  • Start to use Lugesteron® 200 mg administered vaginally three times daily starting in the evening of the day of egg retrieval. If the pregnancy begins use Lugesteron® 200mg twice a day and continue the treatment till the first ultrasound appointment.

If you have questions call: Naistentauti- ja äitiysyksikkö tel. 014 - 269 1023, Monday to Friday 8:00-8:30