Potilasohje/ Patient instruction


Home care instructions after curettage of the uterine cavity


Kotihoito-ohje kohtuontelon kaavinnan jälkeen 


You have undergone a procedure, where the uterine cavity has been evacuated and curetted. We shall notify you about the results of tissue samples taken during the procedure. The plan for future treatment will also be told, if indicated.

Scanty vaginal bleeding can occur for some days. In case bleeding has a bad smell, is too heavy or you develop fever and/or lower abdominal pain, please contact the hospital.

It is recommended that you wash perianal area in the morning, evening and when you change your pads.

Sexual intercourse is not recommended as long as the bleeding continues.


Your doctor:


Naistentauti- ja äitiysyksikkö, puhelin (014) 269 1023 klo 8-15:00.