Medical treatment of early miscarriage (before 10

 weeks of pregnancy)


Miscarriage at any stage of pregnancy can be a terrible blow. Even if it happens very early on in pregnancy, it's only natural that it comes as a shock. Don't feel you're not allowed to grieve over your loss.

Sometimes your miscarriage is incomplete, with just a small amount of pregnancy tissue remaining. In that case health care professionals can use medical treatment that will usually encourage the pregnancy tissue to pass within a few hours. At most it will happen within a day or two in 86-96% of the cases. If the tissue does not pass naturally after the medication or you have signs of infection, the doctor will recommend a dilatation and surgical treatment with anesthesia.

Before the medication you need to have blood tests. If your blood type is rhesus-negative, you will get Rho(D) immune globulin given by intramuscular injection.

As a medical treatment of miscarriage medical professionals will give you medicine called misoprostol (Cytotec®). That medicine cause bleeding and uterine contractions (cramping). It is recommended to insert the Cytotec® tablets in your vagina. Usually bleeding should start within 3 hours. Bleeding will be heavier than for a normal period and it may have large blood clots or tissue. It’s normal to have some bleeding or spotting for up to 2-3 weeks. During the bleeding use large (thick) sanitary pads. Mini pads or tampons should not be used because of the infection risk.



How many tablets: ______date:______time:_____at the hospital/ at home

How many tablets: ______date:______time:_____at the hospital/ at home

How many tablets: ______date:______time:_____at the hospital/ at home

If you have not started to bleed within 24 hours of taking the misoprostol, contact Naistentautien poliklinikka next day.


Side effects:

Because of the Cytotec® you can have side effects like diarrhea, temporary abdominal pain, nauseous or vomiting, dizziness etc. If you will have the signs of infection such as fever, an unpleasant smelling discharge from your vagina or abdominal pain, contact the hospital.


Pain relief

For the contraction pain you can take paracetamol 500mg 2 x 3, ibuprofen 600mg x 3. Or you can take the medicine the doctor gave the prescription for. For the nauseous you can have the medicine from the Pharmacy called Postafen®.

Sick leave

You can have sick leave for 2- 3 days after taking the medication or surgical treatment.

Follow up

Making sure that everything is ok, you should make pregnancy test from urine after 5 weeks from the miscarriage and it should be negative.

Usually your periods will come after 3-6 weeks.


You can call if you have any questions or concerns:

Naistentautien poliklinikka (Gynecological outpatient clinic, Central Hospital of Central Finland) 014 2691023  klo 08-15.00

24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week telephone number is 014 2691204 (Synnytysvastaanotto)